Casa de Sonrisa

Casa de Sonrisa residential facility will provide evidence-based behavioral health services to maintain or enhance the residents’ ability to prepare for living a healthy, independent life in the future.

Initial Intake

The Clinical Director will ensure that the following guidelines are set forth in the screening, initial assessment, and before admitting any resident is strictly enforced to maintain the safety, welfare, and preserve the milieu of all residents.


Casa De Sonrisa will not admit any residents with a history of sexual abuse or violent behavior, a history of fire setting, or severe physical problems or significant behavioral issues that may endanger other residents.

Prospective Residents

All prospective residents being accepted into the program will be thoroughly evaluated to ensure that the health and safety of each resident are being met. Residents sharing a bedroom will be carefully matched for age, diagnosis and development levels to help ensure compatibility.

Program Rules

Casa De Sonrisa presents both personnel and residents during admission with an orientation packet with specific program rules that must be adhered to and signed by the personnel and the residents.
Frequently Asked Questions

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How to get started?
To access services, please call (520) 300-4976 to make an appointment for an intake/assessment.
Is it for Boy or Girls?
Casa de Sonrisa offers 9-bed residential services for boy and girls ages 7 to 17 who have Behavioral Health Disorders, whose needs require residential treatment.
What are the rules?
The Rules specifically state that physical aggression, sexual abuse, threats, ridicule, verbal harassment, discrimination, punishment, or abuse of residents or personnel is strictly prohibited may result in termination of personnel job or resident placement.

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