Adult Programs

Adult Programs

Behavioral Health Programs for Adults & Seniors

Psychosocial Rehabilitation

Psychosocial rehabilitation helps people develop the social, emotional and intellectual skills they need in order to live happily with the smallest amount of professional assistance they can manage. Psychosocial rehabilitation uses two strategies for intervention: learning coping skills so that they are more successful in handling a stressful environment and developing resources that reduce future stressors.

Treatments and resources vary from case to case but can include medication management, psychological support, family counseling, vocational and independent living training, housing, job coaching, educational aid, and social support.

  • Two Weekly PSR Groups
  • Socialization Skills
  • Depression Support
  • Motivational Skills
  • Drug & Alcohol Awareness Education
  • Resilience
  • Motional Control
  • and Anger Management

Case Management

Living well with complicated health issues can require working with a number of medical providers and support resources. Our Case managers can help clients coordinate these services.

Our case manager has knowledge of local medical facilities, housing opportunities, employment programs, and social support networks, one of our team members will assess your needs and explain what resources are available in your area.

We provide support to our clients;

  • Transportation to and from Appointments,
  • Help running errands and shopping,
  • Food Boxes,
  • Daily Living Support.

How to fill out official forms, how to get transportation to appointments—these are all questions a case manager can help with.

Treatments & Resources

Treatments are an effective way to improve the quality of life for individuals with mental illness and their families. They can lead to fewer hospitalizations and fewer difficulties at home, at school, and at work.

  • Life Skills,
  • Coping and Defusing Anger,
  • Helping with Stress and Depression,
  • Assist with Life Decision making.

Further Information

Please give us a call at (520) 326-8953 to speak to one of our trained intake coordinators for assistance.


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